Team Editors

Photo Enhancement

Why Photo Enhancement is Important?
Original photographs are rarely perfect! Even though shots and locations are carefully selected, there are flaws which need correction. It doesn’t only take a few mouse clicks to change a horrible photograph into something very glamorous and perfect. With many of the hassles and hurdles involved, digital photo enhancement is certainly not the bed of roses.For a magic touch to your pictures, you can avail digital image enhancement services by Team Editors. We help you improve your photographs, often beyond what you thought is possible. We utilize latest software tools to achieve the desired results for your digital photo enhancement needs.
Color & Contrast Correction

This includes adjusting brightness, contrast, density, color balance & saturation, adding lighting effects etc.

Changing Backgrounds

In order to bring focus on key elements of a picture, we can remove distracting elements from the background or replace them entirely with white, blue, client-defined or more appropriate background.

Image Cropping & Removing Noise
This includes extracting unwanted elements from the image such as removing logo, signature etc.