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Colors Cast Removal Services

A color cast image is an image with a tint of a particular color, usually undesirable, which affects the whole of a photographic image evenly.The reason behind having this unwanted tint of a particular color in the image can be certain types of light which can cause film and digital cameras to have a color cast. In general, the human eye does not notice the unnatural color, as our eyes and brain adjust and compensate for different types of light in ways that cameras cannot.Other reasons for color cast can be due to the lighting, the white balance of the video camera, or the type of film stock used given the lighting conditions during the shoot,unfavorable weather conditions,artificial lightings, overcast skies etc. Color casts exist because one or more color channels are inappropriately strong or weak. Furthermore, color casts aren’t usually uniform across an entire image. Often, color casts are stronger in one portion of the image (such as the highlights) and weaker or nonexistent in others (the shadows, for example).

Some images doesn’t have natural color called as color cast image. There are lots of reason by which color cast appears on your images and make images unnatural or not attractive. some of them are poor lighting or fading of colors in due course of time. Other factors responsible for color cast may be poor white balance, unfavorable weather conditions, bright lights, artificial lightings, overcast skies, etc. Color cast can appear on a certain part of image or over the entire image. So color cast removal is a technique by which our professionals at Team Editors removes unwanted color and makes images much brighter, natural and attractive.Color cast removal is not just about technology, it is also about having an eye for detail. In images where only small or not-so-palpable portions are affected by color cast, it becomes extremely difficult to spot and correct them. Our experts with the help of state-of-the-art technology skillfully determine the areas affected and effectively remove color cast making your realty image clear and vibrant. By outsourcing ‘remove color cast Photoshop’ services to us, you get more realistic and natural images.