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Perspective Correction

Perspective Correction Services

A range of services will be provided by skillful team which involves improving composition, correcting the exposure, adjusting the sharpness, contrast and depth , change the background, remove unwanted objects, adjust the brightness and contrast, replacecolors, correction of under and over exposures, reducing or removing shadows, cropping and rotation, image density adjustment, removal of camera flashes, removal of minor reflections, correcting blurry pictures, adjusting curves and levels, Lens correction, Correcting horizontal and vertical perspective distortions, time stamp removal, correcting faded edges, addition of texts/objects ,minor color binding ,sky changes ,resizing the photo for the web without compromising on the quality and enhance its value to make it more appealing to your customers.

A common problem in pictures with dominant vertical lines and shapes, Perspective Distortion or Keystone Distortion occurs when owing to shooting situations or locational difficulties you are restricted in capturing a straight on view image of an object and rather have to shoot the photograph from an angle.You would typically see Perspective Distortion problems in architectural or real estate building pictures as in the instances of leaning buildings & structures, vertical edges of walls, skewed furniture, etc., or in exterior photographs, you often find slanted trees, telephone poles, lampposts, fence posts, etc. necessitating Photo Perspective Correction.Photo Perspective Correction is the method used for digitally rectifying the Vertical and Horizontal Keystone Perspective Distortions of an image as well as for adding detail and surface texture through texture perspective correction.