Team Editors

Still Image Enhancement

Why Still Image Enhancement is Important?

Diverse businesses such as Real Estates, Retailers, Designers, Photo Studios, and Publishers can achieve great advantage to through Image Enhancement. After the Image Enhancement process you will be assured of benefits such as Topflight Quality as we have multi-layered quality checks in place to ensure that all images are above the client’s expectation. As professional designers, who are competent in handling state-of-art technology will be working on the enhancement, after the complete analysis and use of our solution the main core functional areas will be focused. Still Image Enhancement can provide you drastic competitive advantage to your business as the enhancement that you can achieve to the Image quality will be enormous.

A range of services will be provided by the skillful team of Team Editors which involves:
  • Improving Composition
  • Correcting the Exposure
  • Adjusting the Sharpness
  • Contrast and Depth
  • Changing the Background
  • Remove Unwanted Objects
  • Adjust the Brightness and Contrast
  • Replacing Colors
  • Correction of Under and Over Exposures
  • Reducing or Removing Shadows
  • Cropping and Rotation
  • Image Density Adjustment
  • Removal of Camera Flashes
  • Removal of Reflections
  • Correcting Blurry Pictures
  • Adjusting Curves and Levels
  • Lens Correction
  • Correcting Horizontal and Vertical Perspective Distortions
  • Time Stamp Removal
  • Correcting Faded Edges
  • Addition of Texts/Objects
  • Minor Color Binding
  • Sky Changes

In the end, the resizing of the photograph for web will be done, without compromising on the quality and enhancing its value to make it more appealing to your customers.